Artist Residency 2022


hwc | core Ph. Dean Sidaway

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handle with care x helen bullock. Ph. Dean Sidaway


Xenia. Ph. Dean Sidaway

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handle with care x helen bullock. Ph. Dean Sidaway

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handle with care x helen bullock Ph.Dean Sidaway

Granted a month long residency at Xenia in the Fall of 2022, with the ability to develop existing projects and the space to originate new ideas.

As part of a special collaboration for ‘handle with care’ (hwc) artist and illustrator Helen Bullock, was invited to join for a short period during the residency. Utilizing existing designs developed from hwc collections that were remade in canvas, these garments were hand painted on in a "creative conversation". A fertile back and forth between artists. A response to each other’s marks. The process was documented through a short film and a supporting publication; a mix of stills, text and personal photography to be published alongside the release of collection 'handle with care | 04' in September 2023.

"Xenia is a creative retreat situated in the bucolic landscape of North Hampshire, that provides artists with time, space and an environment for uninterrupted work. The programme invites creatives of all art forms to explore their practice away from their daily routine, allowing the inspiration of nature to stimulate creativity".

Images seen here were photographed during the residency.