Central Saint Martins MA graduate Dean Sidaway's breakthrough collection grabbed the industry's attention. A designer and consultant with experience gained from working internationally with Calvin Klein and Clements Ribeiro among others.

"The Revenge" 2011 was shown at London Fashion Week exclusively for PPQ's Fall runway presentation. ..."The cleverest [of the latter] was to encase vintage jewellery, beading, and even a handbag into resin"
STYLE.COM LONDON, February 18, 2011 By Meenal Mistry

Recent publications to feature the collection have included Vogue Italia and I-D magazine, with commissions photographed by Sebastian Feana and Sarah Moon. Previous collection "Maidenhair" is currently being exhibited at The Rubelle and Norman Schafler Gallery in New York.

American Cream S/S 2014

Merrymaker antics are pure disguise, enjoy a serving of American cream. Leather, latex, pom-pom and stitch bedeck pan stick imagery of another kind.